Fundraiser to help baby Hayden

First Posted: 6/19/2012

A fund-raiser will take place this weekend to help a young family provide their daughter with a medial helmet that will keep her condition from getting worse.

Hayden Hayes is Houston and Audrey’s 8-month-old daughter. She has plagiocephaly, also known as Flat Head Syndrome, according to

Hayes said Audrey was carrying a lot of fluids while pregnant with Hayden. Although she had it drained, it frequently returned, causing her to swell as big as if she were carrying twins. After Hayden’s birth, the parents noticed that she was always laying on her right side, and if they moved her, she rolled back over to her right. Her head was becoming misshapen, so they took Hayden to the doctor.

“The doctor said it’s not the worst case she’s seen, but it’s severe,” said Hayes. “The longer we wait for the helmet, the worse it will get and it will shift her jaw which can prevent her from being able to eat normally later.”

In order to prevent her skull from shifting shape further, the couple will need to purchase a $4,000 helmet. Once baby Hayden begins helmet therapy, she will need to be taken to Charlotte every two weeks to have her helmet adjusted.

“It’s really stressful,” said Hayes. “I never expected this to happen to my child.”

Hayes said that apart from the shape of her head, Hayden is a normal and happy baby.

“She’s really playful,” said Hayes. “She’s the most happy baby and just so cute. She said her first words the other day. She said ‘momma.’”

Hayes said that although he and his wife have jobs, the financial burden seems unfair, because Medicaid won’t help pay for the helmet.

“Medicaid won’t pay unless it’s surgery,” said Hayes. “It kind of upset me. “

Although the family can make $700 payments, added burden will begin to mount when they take two trips a month to Charlotte.

The Hayes family has come together to put on a fund-raiser, to be held on Saturday at 2 p.m. at Church of God of Prophecy, Highway 177 S. Cheraw Road in Hamlet.

There will be $7 barbecue plates, with slaw, baked beans, a roll and a drink. You can also get $3 hot dog plates that come with chips and a drink. There will also be live entertainment by The Rutherford Family and other local gospel singers.

“We are accepting donated supplies for the fund-raiser,” said Joyce Elvis, great grandmother to Hayden. “I’m helping them get it together. We appreciate anything anyone can do.”

For more information call Joyce at 910-582-2624 or 910-331-5221.

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