Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor seat open

First Posted: 6/18/2012

The filing period is open for those who wish to run for Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor. The filing period will end at noon on July 6. Jeff Joyner holds the open seat and will be running for it as well. He has been on the board of supervisors for eight years, he said.

Richmond Soil and Water Conservation District was formed out of the first Soil and Water Conservation District in the United States, Brown Creek Soil and Water Conservation District, on Aug. 14, 1937.

The organization of Richmond SWCD became a locally controlled, special purpose government subdivision of the State of North Carolina, governed by a Board of Supervisors, on Sept. 20, 1961. The voters in Richmond County elect three of the supervisors in the general election, and the North Carolina Soil and Water Conservation Commission appoints two. The terms are four years long.

The district supervisors are charged with the responsibility of promoting soil and water conservation and establishing conservation programs in the county, which is done primarily through the cooperation of other agencies and local units of government.

Joyner said he appreciates the chance to “be a good steward of the soil and water.” He said he has been involved in a number of projects that serve to enhance natural resources and farming practices, such as reforestation, getting rid of litter and establishing waste management plans on farms.

“I have (enjoyed it),” he said. “There have been issues, as there are on a board, and I don’t like controversy. I feel really good when I go out and help people. I will run again for another term.”

What is a SWCD ?

Faced with a variety of environmental concerns, the Richmond Soil and Water Conservation District remains focused on addressing agriculture’s contribution to the nonpoint source waste pollution problem.

Districts provide programs, technical services and educational outreach programs promoting voluntary natural resource management and conservation on the private lands of North Carolina through a non-regulatory, incentive-driven approach.

The 96 locally led Districts in North Carolina cooperate with federal and local partners to administer comprehensive countywide programs to protect and conserve the state’s soil and water resources. The District, supported by county, state, and federal agencies provide financial, technical and educational assistance to landowners, agricultural producers and the general public.

The dedicated workforce includes the Board of Supervisors, an Administrative Assistant, a Natural Resource Conservationist, and a NRCS District Conservationist.

Other current board members who were appointed are Larry R. Chandler, Vice Chairman, who was appointed in 1971, and Robert Hill Jr., Secretary and Treasurer, who was appointed in 2002. Hill’s seat is up for reappointment this year.

Elected members are Jed Lambeth, who was elected in 2010 and filled the open seat left by Donnie Richardson in 2009, and Myers Waddell, Chairman, who was elected in 1994.

For more information, call 910-997-8244, ext. 100.