“The Little Town that Does”

First Posted: 3/18/2014

To the editor:

The sign on the red caboose at Hamlet City Lake has the above slogan printed on its front. Visitors stopping at the lake for whatever reason see this sign, and it offers them a sense of the town and its people.

After riding through the town of Hamlet the question becomes, does what? According to an article in The Richmond County Daily Journal (“New attorney hire catalyst for inquiries”, March 12, 2014), it seems the little town has become a place for some to fuel their anger and play a game of getting even, all on the taxpayer’s dime.

When any situation, even a town, is led by anger and hate, one loses creativity and forward thinking. Anger and hate are usually wrapped up in past hurts and issues. I beg of you, ride through Hamlet sometimes and look, and see, the decay and the sadness. Perhaps one takes that ride each day but never really looking at this sight.

We have a tendency to ignore unpleasantness, and the folks that perpetuate such. We sit in our ivory towers of home, church, etc., and turn our heads at the desolation in our towns and communities all across the county. Anger and hate are the new themes for 2014. And it seems we as a populace love it that way.

Yet every one of us knows in our hearts that anger and hate are not about the people of God. And it has no place in them. Anger and hate are kills of growth and creativity, and so much more. They suffocate the community, and contaminate everything they touch. This theme does not belong in our conversations as a people of God or as a community.

Much more is expected of us. I was born and raised here. I’ve sat at that lake many days praying and crying to God for answers to this sadness that we live in every day. The decay and desolation is draining to spirit and good health. Yet at the Hamlet City Council meeting, nothing is mentioned of this condition, and the situation is not addressed, just more anger and hate, and the means to further that agenda.

I don’t know the answers to all our problems, but I do know those answers will not be found in anger and hate. That theme only causes more problems.

Cassandra Smith