Richmond County 4-H has strong showing at state fair

First Posted: 11/15/2012

The theme at this year’s N.C. State Fair was “Bumper Crop of Fun,” and Richmond County 4-H’ers have great reason to celebrate after their strong showing at events this year.

Youth exhibited in the Junior Meat Goat Show, Junior Meat Goat Showmanship, Junior Doe Goat Show, and Junior Doe Showmanship during the N.C. State Fair.

The 4-H Livestock Club was busy for several days at the fair. During the Junior Meat Goat Show, 25 Richmond County youth displayed their finished products. They had been working with their animals since early July and sold their goats during the fair.

Youth competing in the Junior Meat Goat Show included Coleman Berry, Braxton Butler, Kane Butler, Kayla Butler, Jordan Carroll, Alex Chappell, Madelyn Chappell, Savannah Chappell, Taylor Chappell, Nathan Ezzell, Tyler Gerald, Zach Gerald, Abigail Hamilton, Brianna Hamilton, Garrett Hamilton, Tobey Lunceford, Alana McQueen, Eli Maske, Sarah Maske, DeLani Reep, Kristi Reep, Payton Smith, Marissa Sweet, Faith Thompson and Garrett Thompson.

Garrett Hamilton had one goat in the Grand Champion drive, while Madelyn Chappell had one goat in the Reserve Champion drive. Taylor Chappell received a showmanship pin and was selected to return to the ring for the championship drive in the meat goat showmanship class.

The Richmond County 4-H Livestock Club was again working hard during the Junior Commercial Doe Goat Show and Showmanship. Coleman Berry, Jordan Carroll, Madelyn Chappell, Savannah Chappell, Abigail Hamilton, and Brianna Hamilton all competed in the Junior Commercial Doe Show. Jordan Carroll had a doe in the Grand Champion drive. Jordan Carroll and Madelyn Chappell received a showmanship pin and were selected to return to the ring for the doe show championship drive.

“Congratulations to all of these young people and special thanks to all of the parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and community members who traveled to the fair to support these youth as they strive ‘To Make The Best Better’ in Richmond County,” said Livestock Agent Tiffanee Conrad-Acuña.