Business seminar to focus on job stress

First Posted: 11/26/2012

Are you dragging yourself to work and back home? Have you lost the zip and enthusiasm you had in the past? Come find out some of the reasons why.

Emily Ballance, a licensed professional counselor and certified professional speaker, will present a seminar entitled “Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout” from 9 a.m. to noon on Thursday, Nov. 29, at Richmond Community College’s Cole Auditorium, 1042 W. Hamlet Ave., Hamlet.

The seminar, sponsored by the Small Business Center at RCC, is open to the public. Cost is $5 and covers a light lunch. To register, email or call Deborah Hardison, SBC Director, at 910-410-1687.

“Stress is a part of our lives,” Ballance said. “And if we choose to deny it, the consequences can be devastating to our health, work, families and relationships.”

This seminar is about identifying the causes of stress, recognizing early warning signs, and making a plan to reduce stress by making healthy lifestyle changes.

“Sometimes people tell me they don’t know where to start,” Balance said. “In this presentation, I’ll share a list of 25 suggestions, so participants can start with one of those if they’d like to. Making some changes are easy and others are a bit more complicated. But it’s amazing what you can do if you just take small steps.

“Recently, I was talking with a woman who told me that four months ago, she made a decision to get more exercise,” Ballance said. “She and three other women at work agreed to walk for 45 minutes during their lunch hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They left Tuesday and Thursday open to socialize with other people or run errands. The woman told me how much better she felt on so many levels — she has more energy, she lost some weight and has really connected with her walking partners. That’s how it works. Often one positive change will lead to other positive changes.”

“If you want make a plan to address the stress in your life, please join us,” Ballance said. “There’s no time like the present. And yes, we’ll be talking about holiday stress, too.”

Ballance speaks on business related topics at Small Business Centers throughout the North Carolina Community College System. She also presents keynotes on positive humor and workshops on stress management, generations, communication, leadership, customer service and wellness at conferences, events and meetings across the country. She was recently awarded the Certified Speaking Professional designation, the highest earned designation awarded by the National Speakers Association.