Family Research Council camps in NC urging election turnout

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A conservative political advocacy group launched its intensive focus on the election swing state of North Carolina on Sunday as it barnstorms the country to urge evangelical Christians to vote their values.

The Family Research Council Action’s coast-to-coast bus tour made its first visits to a series of Baptist churches and other locations in western North Carolina on Sunday and Monday.

The lobbying arm of the Washington, D.C-based Family Research Council plans 144 stops from Florida to Oregon, with more than 100 of those in North Carolina.

“Instead of spreading ourselves thin, we decided to do deeper in one state,” Council President Tony Perkins said in an interview. “We feel like we can make a difference in this presidential election.”

In North Carolina, the group seeks to tip a single big state to electing like-minded candidates, Perkins said. The group’s goals include banning abortion, public policies that favor heterosexual marriage, and fewer church-state restrictions.

North Carolina is shaping up to feature a number of tight races, and “it’s the turnout that’s going to make the difference,” Perkins said.

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