Belhaven mayor says he’s questioned about vote buying

BELHAVEN, N.C. (AP) — The mayor of the Beaufort County town of Belhaven says he’s been questioned by the State Bureau of Investigation about vote-buying allegations.

But Mayor Adam O’Neal told local media outlets that neither he nor anyone working with him have paid for votes in past elections.

Shannon O’Toole with the SBI said the agency was contacted by the State Auditor’s Office on August 9th about election law violations.

O’Neal said an investigator with the SBI met with him Monday, asking him if he had paid for votes. O’Neal said the town is cooperating in the investigation.

The mayor said the state Board of Elections had already investigation the allegations and found no problems.

O’Neal thinks the allegations stem from an earlier dispute over the closure of a hospital in Belhaven.

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