SC attorney hired by family of Raleigh shooting victim

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A South Carolina lawyer has been hired by the family of a black Raleigh man shot to death in a confrontation.

State Rep. Justin Bamberg says he is representing relatives of Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas.

Thomas was killed last week when a man living two doors down from a neighborhood party called police to complain of “hoodlums,” then fired a shotgun from his garage. Chad Cameron Copley has been charged with murder.

Bamberg is also representing the family of Alton Sterling. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana, man was killed last month after he scuffled with two white police officers outside a convenience store.

Bamberg also represents the family of Walter Scott, an unarmed black motorist killed by a white North Charleston officer last year. Michael Slager faces state and federal charges.

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