Truckers block Calais to demand closure of migrant camp

CALAIS, France (AP) — Truckers, dock workers, farmers and merchants plan to block a major highway in northern France to demand the closure of a Calais migrant camp known as the “jungle,” as its population surges and tensions rise.

Local authorities are urging travelers to avoid the area in hopes of limiting disruption from the Monday morning blockade, aimed at paralyzing traffic on the route used to access the Eurotunnel and port.

The interior minister promised Friday to close the Calais camp, but protesters want him to set a date.

The camp, currently home to at least 7,000 migrants from the Mideast and Africa trying to reach Britain, has epitomized the challenges of Europe’s migrant crisis. Authorities have tightened security and closed half of the camp, but the migrant population has reached record highs.

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