500 cows rustled from New Zealand farm in unusual case

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — How do you steal 500 cows?

Probably not all at once. That’s according to New Zealand police, who said Tuesday that they were investigating reports of the unlikely crime at a South Island farm.

Locals said they’d never before heard of cattle rustling on such a massive scale. And that’s in a nation that’s home to some 10 million cows, more than double the number of people.

The farmer involved is too embarrassed to talk about what happened, according to friend Willy Leferink.

Leferink said the 500 milking cows could have been taken from the herd of 1,300 anytime between early July, when they were last counted, and late August.

The stolen cows are worth about 750,000 New Zealand dollars ($543,000).

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