Police search LA airport, many evacuate as shooter reported

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police say they are searching the terminals on Sunday night and social media posts show many people fleeing Los Angeles International Airport amid rumors of a possible shooting.

Airport police say they are searching all terminals, but there is no confirmation of any shootings or injuries.

Scores of people could be seen on social media and on TV news running from the terminal out on to the sidewalks and streets. Many other evacuees are standing on the airport tarmac, and abandoned bags littered some sidewalks.

Airport police say traffic to the terminal area has been closed, and no flights were being allowed to land at the airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it is temporarily holding all Los Angeles-bound flights that have yet to leave airports in Minnesota or anywhere west of it.

Los Angeles city police and fire departments said they sent many units to the airport for a security situation.

Passenger Scott McDonald said he was getting off a plane in the middle of the incident and was told by the crew to get back on. He said looking out the window he could see many evacuees gathered out on the tarmac, a strange sight even for someone who travels almost constantly.

“I’ve never seen passengers, just normal people, on the tarmac anywhere in the United States,” McDonald told KCAL-TV.

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