Column: Just get out of bounds

Leon Hargrove Jr. - Sports Editor

ROCKINGHAM — Another aimless tirade by yours truly.

I want to feel bad for Oklahoma State and how its game against Central Michigan ended, but then again — I don’t.

It’s obvious that the officials — who have since been suspended — made a huge mistake by giving Central Michigan that last play with no time left on the clock. I know officiating isn’t as simple as spectators make it out to be, but it is their job to know what to do in that situation.

But at the same time, the catch and pitch from Jesse Kroll to Corey Willis that resulted in the game-winning score is what college football is all about, right? Seeing them screaming at the top of their lungs running across the end zone was probably the best thing we all saw from Saturday’s action.

And if we’re being honest — and just going off of rankings — the game shouldn’t have been that close in the first place.

You would think wide receivers in the NFL would have enough awareness to know when to get out of bounds when the clock is winding down and their team is working with little to no timeouts.

Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

Both Terrance Williams (Dallas) and Marvin Jones (Detroit) did the opposite of what I’m pretty sure every receiver has been taught to do when losing late in the game — they stayed in bounds.

Luckily for Jones, the Lions had one more timeout and ended up winning the game. As for Williams and the Cowboys, they ran out of time and fell 21-20 to the Giants.

Which I have no problem with.

Those hits on Cam Newton last Thursday were brutal. He took a beating from a Denver defense that was clearly trying to send a message to the reigning league MVP.

I mean, I get it. Being able to lay a hit on a quarterback — especially Cam — is every defender’s dream, but those guys were purposely lunging themselves towards his helmet. And that’s just not cool.

What was cool, though, was seeing Shaq, A.I. and Yao Ming get inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Iverson’s speech was so raw, but you could tell he meant every word that was said into that microphone.

I’m rooting for RGIII, but that man still doesn’t know how to slide.

The matchup between Richmond and Butler this past Friday was a good high school football game.

Richmond came out the gates on fire, but couldn’t keep its foot on the gas pedal as the game wore on. Butler did a great job of not panicking and sticking to their gameplan to put itself in a position to win the game.

And although the Raiders lost, you could see that this team has the potential to be really good. The biggest problem they are facing right now is the number of times they get called for penalties throughout a game. Those yellow flags, more times than not, benefit Richmond’s opponents — two of them called in the Butler game negated some big runs from Damontre Bennett.

This week’s home matchup against South View will be key for the Raiders after a tough loss.

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Leon Hargrove Jr.

Sports Editor

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