Our New Media Programs:
The Richmond County Daily Journal has many products to help you reach out to our community through a variety of broad reaching programs such as banner ads, contests, and more targeted options like QR codes, email, and mobile. Our business directory services can be used as a website for your business, a mobile extension of your existing site, and/or as a tool to drive more customers to your site through SEO. We are always looking at ways to harness new technologies to help you find new ways to reach your customers.
Print Advertising:
In our Tuesday – Saturday print publication, the Daily Journal offers many special sections and special targeted promotions to help your business grow. We even offer full-color front page advertising designed to get the readers’ attention.

Insert Opportunities:
Your promotional flyer can be inserted into any of the Daily Journal’s editions. Our busiest days are Wednesdays where the majority of food inserts appear and our Weekender edition which is delivered on Saturday and includes coupons, inserts from drug stores such as Rite Ad, Walgreens and CVS, and the USA Weekend magazine. Insert rates start at $45 per thousand for single sheets.

Placing Retail Ads:
To place ROP ads, inserts or other retail print products, contact our advertising department:
- Ad Manager: Rick Bacon (910) 997-3111 ext 27
- Advertising Sales Representative: Michelle Price (910) 997-3111 ext 21
- Advertising Sales Representative: Brenda Dennis (910) 997-3111
- Advertising Sales Representative: Charles Hudson (910) 997-3111 ext 31