LETTER: Why isn’t leash law enforced?

To the editor:

I enjoy cycling from time to time to relax from my busy life.

One warm afternoon in September, I decided to ride around in my neighborhood. I was having a good ride until a neighbor’s female dog attacked me. She was not leashed and therefore took the opportunity to bite my legs so hard, that I had cuts, swollen skin and dark purple bruises all over my legs. It took six weeks for the bruises to finally go away.

This is not the first time I encountered the dog. Fed up, I called the police to inform them what had happened and had a cop come over to my house to take a statement from me. I asked the cop if there was a leash law in Richmond County. He told me that we do have a leash law and that it has been enforced for a couple of years now.

Animal Control took the dog away. I thought that the dog was permanently taken away and my troubles were finally over, until I rode my bike a couple of weeks ago, and saw the exact same dog back again. She ran up to me, attacked me and bit my lower left leg. I had a cop come over to take a statement from me. I called Animal Control again and asked if we have a leash law only to find out that it is not really enforced.

What is it going to take to have the leash law enforced in this county? Do I have to be mauled to death before it is enforced?

Katherine Marie Sanford




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