LETTER: Trump should get a clean slate

To the editor:

Some reflections are in order following the Nov. 11 and 12 observations by Fred Caudle and Robert Lee.

Trump supporters should celebrate as indications are the vote was fair. It is the American way to allow him a clean slate to begin, and if Mr. Trump brings his vaunted business skills of tough negotiating and finding compromise to his presidency, our country could strongly benefit. I hope that his supporters will be as sanguine about a negotiating, compromising President Trump.

Mr. Caudle described Trump supporters who “… wanted to take their country back.” That’s understandable because President Obama will share it with them in much better shape than he received it. With monthly job gains around 200,000 instead of the 200,000 losses he found in 2009; with the national debt increasing by less than 50 percent contrasted by the 110 percent increase he found; with an unemployment rate under 5 percent versus 10 percent; and, with the economy not desperate for a massive 2009 stimulus, Mr. Trump should truly be thankful to follow this president.

It is instructive that since George H.W. Bush in 1988, only one Republican president has won a popular vote (2004 ). A switch over of less than 65,000 votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, together, would have ushered Hillary Clinton into the White House. Before President Trump and the GOP Congress decide to dump the “dreaded” (Affordable Care Act), they had better ensure that the 20 million more who attained health coverage don’t lose it, or they could see many more than those votes switch again.

Without Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton to kick around, Both Mr. Caudle and Mr. Lee will be on ‘defense’ now. Each may stir a little controversy at times, but from their writings — as well as occasional chats in person — I find both to be good, patriotic citizens. For the good of us all, I hope their new challenge is an easy one.

Douglas Smith


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