LETTER: What if Hillary cannot assume the office?

To the editor:

What if an elected candidate cannot assume her duties? Suppose Hillary Clinton wins the election November, and between November and December she is indicted in the IRS investigation of her foundation.

Once under indictment, she will not be able to assume her office. Kaine would not either because neither can be inaugurated. The Speaker of the House cannot move to it, because there is already a sitting president and vice president.

Although the law prohibits him from being re-elected, is this where Obama makes a public declaration — along with an executive order from the Oval Office — that due to a dangerous Constitutional crisis, he must remain in office because his successor cannot assume her duties?

Had (Attorney General Loretta) Lynch indicted Clinton based on the FBI evidence, the plan would not have worked, because the DNC would’ve quickly come up with another candidate.

L.E. Veach


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