LETTER: Hillary lied and will get away with it

To the editor:

I thought we the people (were) smart, but now I think we are the stupid(est) people in the world.

Look at Hillary, she was secretary and she did a lot of things she shouldn’t have and lied about it. If she was to go for a job out in the public and they found she lied and done things she shouldn’t have in her other job, she wouldn’t get the job. But the people are going to let her be president.

People will believe a lie before they will believe the truth. Like the one Obama is our first black president, but he is not. He is black and white, but the lie will go down in history as the first black president.

We thought our FBI was the best to find out the truth, but now the FBI is dishonest or is being payed off.

Only thing that i helping get through this is Hillary, the government, the justice, the FBI will get away with what they are doing now, but on judgement day they will all pay.

Joyce Martin


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