LETTER: Self-defense instructor a guardian angel

To the editor:

Do you believe in angels? I used to as a child, but because of the harsh realities of adult life, I, as many, have turned away from the belief that there are real angels sent to us by God at times when we really need them and do not even know it.

God sent me an angel in the form of a mortal man. I know in my heart that had I (not met) this man, myself and my four children might well be just another statistic of robbery and murder. This man I write about chose my safety over taking a dollar from me in what could have been a lost sale to him of over $500.

This man showed me what God wants us to be to each other — that being kind, caring and understanding. This man was honest to me.

My guardian angel took the time to teach me to be looking at and listening to everything that was taking place around me. I did listen.

One night, a girl came to my hair salon. I knew her, but she was acting suspicious.

My angel had told me not to go against my gut feelings. “If it seems wrong, then it is wrong,” is what I was taught.

I told the girl that I had been taking self-defense firearm classes. She was nervous and left.

A few days later, she and three men (allegedly) shot, killed and robbed a man in Monroe. They are all now in jail in Union County on murder charges.

There is one that writes about my angel and does call him a racist with hate for all blacks. There are bigots in all races — that writer is one. Their name does not matter.

The only name that matters is the name of my God-sent angel, and that is Robert Lee, a white man. Robert Lee is my friend and I know I am his. My name is Dorothy Clark, a black woman.

There was so much more to my letter, nine pages in all, but this is all that needed to be said.

One last thing: the true believers will understand, but for the others, take the time to read Matthew 7:1-3.

Dorothy Clark


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