LETTER: Memories of Rockingham Grammar School

To the editor:

I have had several people ask me about Rockingham Grammar School. They wanted to know where it was located and the type of building.

Rockingham Grammar School, as I recall it in 1937, was located in the block where the city water tank is. It fronted East Washington Street, South Lawrence on the right, East Franklin at the back and South Randolph on the left. The campus took up about three-fourths of the block. There were five houses on the Randolph side.

It was a two-story brick building. The left side of the building was the girls’ side and there were three swings and two see-saws; while on the right side for the boys — nothing. There was no visible dividing line, but you knew where it was. There was about an 18-inch wall (cement), the length of the Washington Street block. There were bathrooms at the back of the building on both floors — girls on the left and boys on the right — and I seem to remember the auditorium being on the top floor.

I cannot remember but two or three of the teachers there, and they are Mrs. Thompson, a redhead, and Mrs. Bessie Terry, the principal.

That cement wall made an ideal place to sit on Easter Sunday evening and watch the ladies go by in their Easter bonnets. ‘Nuf sed.

George LeVander, Jr.


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