LETTER: Softball field renovations will have fiscal impact

To the editor:

It is with a joyful heart that we see the renovations being addressed at the East Rockingham softball fields. The county has heard, and responded to, the request for beautification of this beautiful park. With renovations complete, we will hope to draw tournaments that will impact the fiscal needs of the private sector and the county government.

I started with a simple call the to the county manager, and the park director then allowed this mustard seed to grow.

I additionally initiated a petition with the players — the men and women who play on this, and other county fields.

The petition, and letter to the editor, was met with such negativity by way of insults, ridicule and distain, that I removed myself form the Richmond County Softball website. The people who display such behavior were acting on the fears of change — just as the Tent City was met with fear — and negative input. The statements were: you don’t have to play then; this is a stupid petition; and don’t sign it — the county will close down the park and we will never play again. I also received a phone call asking me not to move forward. These were based on irrational fears.

I do wish to convey my appreciation to those who agreed that the improvements were for safety and enjoyment of a well-maintained softball complex.

Once again the county has seen the need and responded to address the needs of the community. Very Proud!

Mark Joplin


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