LETTER: Assault rifles have no place in daily lives

To the editor:

The AR-15 is a WMD, weapon of mass destruction. It has killed innocent elementary school children and faculty at Newtown, innocent moviegoers at Aurora, innocent students and faculty in San Bernardino, and innocent partygoers in Orlando and then some. It can be obtained legally in America.

Better background checks would have prevented most of these deaths. Gun owners as well as gun sellers that commit domestic violence acts or any acts of violence are not supposed to be able to buy or sell guns of any kind.

We need to make sure that no gun seller who has a history of domestic violence is allowed to own, sell or buy any type of gun.

Assault rifles have no place in our day-to-day lives. They are weapons of war. They are weapons of mass destruction.

No, I do not believe that all weapons should be banned, just war weapons. If you desire to use AR-15s or other weapons of mass destruction, then you should be brave enough to enlist in one of the armed services of this country — if you’re not afraid.

We illegally invaded Iraq and found no WMDs — maybe it’s because we have them all here.

Vote Clinton-Kaine so that the NRA will have to eventually accept the fact that they and Republican war hawks are solely responsible for these innocent lives lost here on American soil.

Patti Almanza


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