LETTER: More funding for non-public schools

To the editor:

(A reply to Chris Fitzsimon’s column published July 29.)

Our Holy Bible, being the first resource our Founding Fathers went to for guidance while creating our constitution, is the keystone of all our rights. The founders consulted many other documents and writings, but always returned to the Holy Bible for their final guidance through the Word of God. What they created has allowed America to become the greatest nation of the face of God’s green earth. Yet, the Democrats voted God or any mention of God off their platform.

Religious schools and private academies should be receiving public funding, more so than public schools. Once you get a child out of public education and into an environment where learning is first and teachers are not controlled by unions, that child will be much more capable and prepared to become a successful person. Not only better educated and with sound doctrine upon which to build a lifetime of positive accomplishments and help make America great again.

It is true that some schools miss their mark. That’s not the fault of the students. Usually, schools fail due to the fault of the administrators. No system is perfect, but private instruction will be better qualified than a public system to ensure a good education for the students. When public schools are compared to private schools honestly, the private school is way ahead.

(Fitzsimon) wrote that Bible Baptist Christian School got $100,000 to provide 26 voucher holders with a quality education. That works out to $3846 per student. Compare that cost with what it costs per student here in Richmond County. Prepare for “sticker shock” should you check it out.

(Fitzsimon), you complain that LGBT are paying taxes that discriminate against them. Against the 1-3 percent of LGBT in the population, compare that with the people who have no children but pay taxes to fund schools and colleges. You complain about the textbooks that are used in Christian schools: thank God they don’t use Common Core. (Fitzsimon), you complain that funds are taken from the “underfunded” public school system and given to the voucher program. You also complain that private schools don’t even have to take standard tests as public schools do and there’s no way to compare the academic achievement of the students.

I tell you what, let’s take the EOC tests of the public school and the EOC tests of the private school and swap. It will not happen. Public education knows they would be smacked down.”

The actual educators in N.C. should be paid more, just as soon as the teachers union is voted out of N.C.

L.E. Veach


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