LETTER: Destroyed from within

To the editor:

Just look at America today. Just look at the people that are getting better by not working than those honest ones that do work. A lot of those lazy ones are making big bucks form their constant sell of hard drugs. The children of these sorry people will live by the example they see daily.

Because of the joblessness caused by Obama, we all see stealing today like we have never seen in our lifetime. Nothing can be left out in the open today because so many Americans are hooked on hard drugs.

So many of the people that wanted Hillary or Bernie in the high office cannot possibly know what is happening to the United States. Both of these people that want to run our country have no use whatsoever for law and order.

Many of the statements that were made by Obama in the past and even today are now causing the murder of many law enforcement officers. Obama and Hillary both are causing anarchy in our streets all over America.

America is being destroyed from within. But there is hope that America can change for the better, even this year. And that hope is Donald Trump.

We all have seen America and even the whole world being destroyed because of the policies of Obama and Hillary Clinton. Looking at all of the terrible mistakes made by Hillary for years, I cannot possibly see her as our president.

Trump will bring back law and order on our streets. He will bring our jobs back from all those countries. People will have money for cars and homes.

What good is walking and bumming for free food? I see no dignity in any of it.

America must change this year. Voting out the Democrats is our only hope. Please vote.

Fred Caudle


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