GMOs: We are what we eat

Robert Lee - Contributing Columnist

I, of course, have a point to get to — and I will in a roundabout way. I need to say that our government has worked hand-in-hand with Monsanto, Con-Ag and others to give away your and my ability to say what we and our children will consume in the form of food.

GMO. stands for genetically modified organism. This can, and does, apply to animals, microorganisms and plants. In this case, it refers to a living organism that has been genetically altered using molecular genetics techniques, such as gene cloning and protein engineering. I understand all of this, some of it is good, but most of it is bad. The reason for cloning of seeds is to find strains that can hold up to mold, drought and disease.

Is it a good thing? I have to say, not in all cases. For the farmers of America, it has been a curse. Believe it or not, it will be proven in time that it was a curse on mankind. The corporations are about to gain power over the control of our water and food and the government is — and has been — helping the corporations. It has taken years to do so, but it is taking place. The farmers know this to be the truth. It’s also time for the consumers to open up their eyes and realize that it is not “just another day.” We are walking into the days of control — and I mean every aspect of our daily lives. And you would ask, “Why?”

Simple — it’s all about money and power over the population.

There is such an evil all over this world that most people could and would not believe — yet it is there, and it comes in all forms.

I must add that there is another jewel that has been added to our current food supply — that being G.E.M., which stands for genetically engineered microorganism. Such a treat for our babies and young ones. This refers only to bacteria, yeast, fungi and other microorganisms. Does this not all sound lip-smacking to you?

I know that some bacteria is needed for everyday survival. The thought of genetically altered anything makes me step back and wonder what is really going on — and you should, also. It’s your health that we are talking about, you should be concerned. It either means a long and fruitful life, or a life that has been cut short because of additives that were added to your and my food that was not needed. But again, it was needed to boost the revenue of the corporations that are killing us day by day, with no concern for you or your health. Just buy it and shut up. That’s what they wish we would do — and for the most part we do, unfortunately.

The bacterial genes that have been introduced into the crops so that they will add nutrition and be resistant to bugs has become commonplace. The introduction of bacterial genes for natural pesticides is also taking place to replace chemical pesticides. The only problem with this taking place is the fact that some people are questioning if this is safe to ingest. Questions that have risen, are:”Will this protect the plant or tree but not be in the fruit?” It might and it might not. I know that we are told that after several days — or weeks, in some cases — it is fine to consume the treated crops. I have to question these words. My reason: it does kill the bugs. Does it not? My fear is the buildup of these toxins in our bodies. What does that do to our lifespan?

GMOs have added to the industrialization of agriculture and have pushed out the small farmer in favor of the mass production of crops. Now steps in the government. Because of the genetic makeup of these seeds that was altered by Monsanto and others, they now claim these seeds for their own, with the help of the laws of the land. These seeds should not belong to anyone. They are the property of humanity. When Monsanto took the corn seeds and started to change them, they did not ask the world’s population if they could, now did they?

Our slick politicians and lobbyists — along with government — have robbed the world of what is theirs, that being the rights to our own food supplies. The world’s poor do suffer because of these changes in our food. Less-developed countries that depend on the export of sugar cane are the losers when it comes down to the development of biotech sweeteners. For me, these artificial sweeteners are just another nail in the world’s coffin. There are countless claims of toxicity and carcinogenicity within these biotech foods. If it is not natural and of this earth that we all stand on, it is killing us. I don’t care what we are told by the scientists. Even the pharmaceutical companies are wanting to mass produce products that use cloned genes from plants. But it is no secret that some of our doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are killing a generation of our young and old with opiates. Don’t you just love the fact that the doctors that over prescribed these pain killers were getting kickbacks from the drug producers? But that’s another story for another day.

The cloning of animals is another risk to our health — those that we would consume. But that’s OK with Corporate America. These pigs have enough money that they don’t have to worry about the cost of the organically grown pig that they had for supper last night. One sad aspect of these cloned pigs that they wish for us to buy and consume is this: they have a long list of illnesses and die very young.

The introduction of any type of altered gene is like playing Russian roulette with a semi-auto pistol, — you will get shot, in time. Cloned pesticide genes in our food crop is too much of a risk, as I see it. This, in time, could affect the insect population and upset the balance of nature. There is a risk of the affect of these GMOs on the people who consume the treated crops. There are unknown toxins and allergens that might be produced within the food crop and the people that will eat them. Some of the producers of these foods do not want the people to know what has been put in them and on them. This is wrong. Again, the reason is all about a dollar and the effect on the company’s bottom line and to Hell with the consumer.

The reason that I have written about GMOs is the fact that they are unsafe. For the ones who can still think on our own, it is very important to let others know. It is shown in recent studies that their effect on the human body is tragic. There are immune system disorders, accelerated aging, along with organ damage. This is just the first drop in the bucket. Genes placed within soy can transfer to the DNA of bacteria living in us. It has also been shown that toxic insecticides were found to produce in GM corn and found in the blood of pregnant woman and unborn fetuses. GMOs were introduced in 1996. Food allergies went through the roof, along with autism.

GMOs have been linked to the increase of herbicides . GM crops are herbicide tolerant. Monsanto sells Roundup-ready seeds that are designed to live through the application of their Roundup herbicide.

Roundup is a deadly weed killer. Farmers sprayed 385 million pounds of it on our food crop between 1996 and 2008. This is a harm to the environment and us. Roundup has been linked to sterility, birth defects and cancer. Don’t forget about the weeds that, in time, are resistant to herbicides. The reality is: we are what we eat.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and U.S. Marine veteran who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo. His column appears here each Saturday.

Robert Lee

Contributing Columnist


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