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Robert Lee Contributing Columnist

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I can make anything look good on paper and that is what this administration and the corporations are doing.

Smoke and mirrors everyday. Watch this hand, but don’t watch the hand behind our back. Some of the people can see what’s taking place, others don’t care, because they are riding on the backs of the working class men and women.

What the corporations are doing with the stock market is a crime. As we can see, they can make anything look good with numbers, but it has no true backing. They are doing the same thing that they did in 2007 and 2008, playing with numbers. We all know what that got us, it put this country on it’s knees. Our economy almost came apart, all because of corporate greed.

You do not go from a low point of 6,500 in June of 2009 the 16,500 points in January 2014 with an economy that is still in recession, as most of our economists feels. I hope the economists are wrong, but some think the market will re-adjust by late summer with a loss of 20 to 25 percent of it’s value.

There is no true reason for it to be growing at this inflated rate, with so many people that have given up on even looking for a job. The true unemployment rate is around 15 percent not the lie of 6.7 percent that the government is telling our people.

This administration is about like someone rambling around in the darkness looking for a light switch, finding it but still not knowing what to do with it.

Take my hand constant reader and we can lead ourselves back into the sunshine from the dark days that we reside in. That day will only come when we, the working men and women, revolt against the machine that Washington has become, and take back our FREEDOM!

Radical thoughts, I for one say not. No more than the feelings of our fellow Americans that have been pushed too hard and for far too long.

Is the road to Revolution paved? We hope not. There is no glory for a like minded people being at war with one another.

We, the Patriots, promise you one thing the American Patriot will not go quietly in the dark. Political correctness has over come the liberty and freedom, and we now see it out weighs them.

Memory serves each person differently. That’s why it’s important to get things in writing, take pictures and document what’s happening in every possible way. That has been taking place. Those of us that can see past our own nose taking note of every injustice that this administration has been involved in.

Just because an administration is not in office does not mean, that it is still not accountable for it’s crimes against it’s people. Is punishment on the horizon for some or all of this administration and corporate American? Just because you hold a high office does not mean that you are above the law.

We have to build bridges to one another to understand the past and bridge the gap that could lead to further misunderstandings. We must be able to advance into the future for the good of all.

We, the true American people, do not want this great country of ours to fail or fall in any way.

Far to much blood of our young men and women has been spilled in our history. We are fighters. If need be, we will fight you on the outside or from within. Make no mistake, elite powers of this country. Government and corporate powers riase only because we the people allow you this privilege.

Stand on our collective back long enough, and we will throw you off. When we start you of the Elite will regret it, more than any one. We the people make you this promise.

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