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By Robert Lee Contributing Columnist

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Confucius said there is evil everywhere, but not everyone can see it. If you are a Christian, you see it all too well. Christians are under siege both physically and mentally all around the world.

Radical Islam is waging a holy war against Christians in almost all of the Muslim countries. When ISIS came into the world’s view in recent months, no one in their wildest dreams thought that these people could ever be more radicalized than Al Qaida.

Their dreams have since turned into the most terrifying of nightmares. ISIS, has turned out to be even more brutal than what even Al Qaida can stomach.

I watched a video many years ago about the 2003 Nic Berg beheading by Al Qaida in Iraq. This young American had done nothing to these people other than wanting to help them put their country back in order.

This video has haunted my sleep for these many years. All because of radicalized fanatics, this young man was tortured to death by having his head cut off, a punishment that took almost 2 minutes with a dull knife. What kind of animals are these people who roam this earth with one intent?

Their only intent is to rid the earth of all Christians. Every Christian in this country, be they man, woman, or child, should have to watch this atrocity so they will know the true hate for them and their Christian beliefs.. You cannot let evil violence go unanswered; you have to be more violent than your adversary.

These people know no limits with their brutality. They look down on America, and Americans , because they see use as being weak. The torture and death perpetrated against this young American man was a crime against all Christians from around the world. It was all because of radicalized hate.

Now even Al Qaida wants nothing to do with ISIS. What does that tell you, America? They are coming here; the timeframe doesn’t matter with these people. When they feel that we have dropped our guard, they will strike. Our military is being cut up into little pockets with less and less ability to defend our people.

We have an administration that refuses to even use the words “We are fighting a war against terrorism.”

Every man and woman who has served this country in the last 13 years knows what type of war they are fighting — even if Obama does not.

Some of the history of the ISIS leader goes back to the Guantanamo Bay prison. We had him, but we let him go.

Why? For nothing more than political reasons in a politically correct world. On the day he was released, the ISIS leader told a FBI official. “ I will see you in New York.” I believe him.

Lots of Americans have very short memories of Sept. 11 2001.

I will never forget, for I was personally touched not by the death of a family member, but by the loss of a friend. I have family and friends who live in New Jersey and New York. I still fear for their safety all these years later.

If we do not close our borders, I fear one day in the near future, the attacks of 9/11 will pale in comparison to the tragedy that is sure to come from the open-border mentality.

Radical Islamists are truly at war with all Christians. Just this past month in Mosul, Iraq, Christian men, women and children were slaughtered by the hundreds. More than 20 men were actually crucified. Their only crime was that they would not renounce their Christian faith. These men died for their faith and nothing else.

The videos are there for all to see. The world has done nothing but watched. Christians have lived in Mosul for more than 1,700 years. This past week, ISIS told the Christian population to either leave, convert or die. They were also told that they could stay, but they would have to pay a fine.

So now if you are a Christian, you have to pay a fine or die. There are only 20 Christian families that stayed behind in a city that had tens of thousands of Christians prior to these past few months.

On July 24, ISIS destroyed the tomb of Jonah. This was truly a sad day for the world. Jonah’s tomb was built in the eighth century B.C.. This tomb was 2,800 years old. This was a crime against the entire world, not just against Christians. Hardly a word was said by the media and the world watched on. We can attribute this to the days in which we live.

In the past two weeks, we have seen the Israelis fighting for their lives — they have no choice. It is either fight or die. Gaza has launched well over 2,000 rockets. They must protect and will protect their people at all cost.

These attacks by both the Israelis and Hamas will be blamed on the Israelis even though the Palestinians were the ones who started it with the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teens. The Israelis did kill a young Palestinian boy also. Two wrongs do not make a right.

In a recent interview, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made a statement that I could not believe. Pelosi said she’d been told by the officials of the country of Qatar that Hamas was a humanitarian group, that they would do no wrong against the Israeli people. What news has she been watching for the past month?

I watched this recorded interview; this is not hearsay. She is part of an administration that is not looking out for the American people and our best interests.

Our own State Department has called Hamas a terror origination. The country of Qatar funds Hamas with the instruments of war, yet Pelosi believes Qatar over the State Department. These people have to leave office while we still have an America.

Radical Islam does not want Israel or the United States to exist. They will do what ever they see fit to destroy both of our nations. If we do not fight back now in these countries where they are building unbelievable power, we will fight them right here in our own streets.

I do not want our troops to be sent back in to these hellholes for one reason: The politicians of this country will not let them fight and win. The politicians have not allowed our troops to fight and win since World War II.

Our troops are the best, they are well-equipped and well-trained. Let them do what they have been trained to do — let them kill our country’s enemies. It either happens there or it’s going to happen here. That is what ISIS is planning to do to all of us.

Some will call me a fearmonger, and if that will make them happy, then so be it. You can call me anything, you can have any opinion of me that you want. But if my words will open up the eyes of but one person to the war that is being waged on Christians, I can live with it.

Christians must stand up and fight back while they still can. The total destruction of Christianity by radical Islamists looms before us all.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo.

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