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By Robert Lee Contributing Columnist

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I must say it over and over until I get it across to all who read my words: I am neutral with politics. I am not political. I trust none of the parties — Democrat, Republican, independent or Tea Party. What I see in all the parties is nothing more than self-serving groups of like minded politicians. But I do trust myself and what I see in this administration.

I am a witness to an administration that is out of control. The power-grabbing through executive orders is unconstitutional and unconscionable to the point of being a criminal act. You have three branches of government that were put together with checks and balances to stop this type of power-grabbing. I cannot and will not just sit back and say nothing. I cannot worry about who I upset with my words, for the facts are the facts, and the truth is now out.

The proof comes in the statement from our Supreme Court and its ruling on Obama’s power grab. It is now common knowledge, with all nine of the justices agreeing to this fact.

In the past six months, I saw for myself in our American Senate the start of the insults and the accusations by the Democratic Party toward the other parties. Some of those accusations were directed toward the Republican Party. Statements were made by Sen. Harry Reid that all the problems this country has were because John Boehner would not give in to Reid’s demands.

The Democrats have called all who do not agree with their polices radicals anarchists and jihadists. Of all the names this senator could have used, he had to call the Republican senators jihadist.

What have we come to when one fellow American has this much hate and distrust for another American?

I can tell you.

I see that same childlike naiveness in the faces of my own people, the naiveness of the Jews being led away to the Nazi ovens.

Open your collective eyes to the pure evil that is looking to take far more than just your soul.

The American way of life is being destroyed, and the people are just watching and saying nothing.

Stand up, America, while you still can. Do not bend and bow, as Obama did with the Saudi king when he first came into office.

Is the IRS now the new Gestapo? They have the power to destroy the common man and woman.

Investigations of all groups — public and private — are taking place every day. The people who are being investigated are those who oppose the rule of the imperial leader. Laws are being changed every day, with nothing more than executive orders and the fact that Obama has a pen.

Laws that have been on the books for years are being pushed to the side. One such law is the law on immigration . Obama has sidestepped this for one reason — politics and the advancement of his party, through the votes he hopes to get from these people.

This man has opened up our southern border to all who will come. It was bad enough when it was the illegals coming in from Mexico. Now the floodgates are open to all of Central and South America, and any other country. These new arrivals are for the most part children, and the bleeding-heart liberals will tell you we have to take care of them. Why? The world’s people for the most part hate America and Americans. So why help them? We can’t even help all of our own.

We cannot afford the burden that these people are putting on our broke country. We are too far in debt.

The health of our entire country is at stake. It has been proven that these people are carrying diseases that until now had been almost eradicated in this country. Now we have carriers of these diseases who are being sent all over our country. Who has allowed these people to roam to the four corners of our nation?

Obama and no one else.

Nothing but lies are coming out of Washington at this point

I beg of you, do not think for one moment that the revolutions that are taking place all over the world cannot take place here. They can, but they do not have to. We have to work together — we have no choice but to do so.

The world is watching. There are those who would get no greater pleasure than to see us destroy ourselves from within, without a shot being fired.

So it will not be misinterpreted by some, I state for the record that I am not calling this administration Nazis.

I only look to the past, names mean nothing. The actions of your leaders means all.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo.

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