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By Robert Lee Contributing Columnist

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The politicians we vote into office are sent to Washington to serve the people — not the other way around.

These politicians, for the most part — I do not say all of them — have turned out to be a bunch of selfish, self-centered, self-serving sons of fatherless goats. I point no finger at one, I point at all who would pad their own pockets with the labor of the worker.

Whether it be the Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members or the independents, these people are part of an ancient system that pits the people against one another. The 545 elite look down on the people as though we are less then they.

Obama ran for office on a platform of change to bring the people together. This did not happen, nor will it happen while this administration is in office. But as I have said, I point not at this one man. I point at a system that is fundamentally flawed and has been for years.

I respectfully say that I do not have the answers . It appears that Washington does not either. Think not that this one man has the answer or any answers as far as that goes. He just proved that, this past week when he released the Dream Team of Terrorists.

That will come back to haunt Obama and all of America, but that will be another story.

Obama is no more than a figurehead to stand before the people, answer questions and look important.

The ones who truly run this country stand in the shadows behind this man and pull the puppet’s strings.

He is not the first puppet, nor will he be the last. I pile no blame at his feet. I put this pile before the feet of the people. We, the people, have allowed this to happen to our country. We, the people, can change and make a change within our government. These people who stand in the shadows, we will never know their names or see their faces, yet they are there. They are the elite of the private sector. These people are tied to corporate America.

Corporate America — hand-in-hand with the federal government — is robbing the people of the present day along with the next four generations of Americans to come.

Our forefathers fought one tyrannical government during the American Revolution over taxation without representation. Where are we today? We are taxed in every aspect of daily life. Then corporate America takes most of what is left over. They overcharge us on poor-quality imports from all over the world.

The reason they sent our jobs outside of this country was to push up their profits on cheap labor. This has been allowed by the government. If the government wants to tax someone, tax corporate America to the point that they see it is useless to move our jobs.

The Fed is doing nothing more than bailing out Obama’s failed polices by printing more than a trillion dollars per year. What this is doing is devaluing our dollar. As a consumer, you see it every day when you buy anything. That brings up the Affordable Care Act. I truly do hope that Obama’s health care reform does take off and helps all the people. At the moment, this is not taking place.

Some of us have been priced out of having health care. My insurance went from $175 to $543 with a $5,200 deductible. The ACA is not working for me, but I still have hope. I also hope pigs fly one day — fat chance. This ACA is cutting the number of doctors, but increasing the number of IRS agents. Now, how bright is that? We need more agents, but not more doctors.

The youth of this country voted Obama in because they wanted change. Well, the only change that they have is the change in their pockets. That change was put there by their hardworking parents because they have no jobs and still live at home. These half-witted children of 20 to 26 have helped bury their own future.

Let us now see how they plan to buy their first home on less than a 30-hour work week. In most cases, it will not happen.

There are still a few young people who are our seed crop for the future. I am proud to say that I know one of these young men. This young man not only works a 40-hour week, but he also helps me on his only day off. He even finds time to cut grass in the afternoon. He helps his parents and grandparents.

This young man is 23 years old. He is a giver, not a taker. I know grown men who do nothing and never have. They are nothing more than parasites on mankind’s backs. Yet, this administration makes the non-workers’ life so easy. This is done by giving them all they can con the system out of. If this hardworking young man can provide for himself, others can, too.

If you want to destroy your children, give them everything. If you want to help your children, then give them nothing but guidance, moral support and love.

Obama is on the fast track to destroying not just a generation of young men and women, but an entire country. At the rate we are going, our federal expenditures will not and cannot be sustainable.

When you back out the 53 percent of all Americans who are receiving governmental help in one form or another, then take out roughly 12 percent of the remainder who are not of working age, what you now have is a worker who is supporting not only him- or herself, but two other non-workers.

Workers’ spirits are being broken because they are scared of losing their jobs. Bullied by their supervisors, they are made to do more and more for the same pay.

How and why can this be allowed to continue? Some of us can see the dark hole at the end of the road.

Some see no end to this road of no return. The return that I talk about is this: Turning the people around and making them see what hard work can achieve for the entire nation — not just for one, but for all.

We are sliding from the top, we are losing the respect of not only our allies, but the entire world. We must once again be looked upon as that bright light in a darkening world. This can be done. This must be done.

Throw out the old and bring in the new. New people with new ideas is what it will take.

The selfish and self-serving crowd must be the first to go.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo.

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