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Tread silently, for the demons of the past sleep ever so lightly. Their sleep — fitful nightmares of repressed revenge not taken on those who would wrong them again. Revenge so sweet, with the bloodlust of a Pyrrhic victory. That is my analogy of what has happened in recent elections and what will take place this coming November; the conservatives are ready for their revenge.

A Pyrrhic victory is a victory so costly and devastating that it appears as defeat to all the combatants — a venture into futility to say the least.

That is where we are today with the parties’ governmental combatants. No one is willing to work out their problems. At this point, it is almost like living in limbo land where nothing gets done. There is no way to go forward as long as this is taking place.

Intensity and momentum is what it takes; we have to be driven to achieve our personal goals.

That is my point for the government, there is no intense determination to get anything done. Washington is mentally scaring the nation. I say scaring us mentally because, they keep us upset with policies that are pushed to the back burner. One such policy is the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada. It has already been proven that it will not have the devastating environmental impact that the Obama administration has pushed on us.

With that said, believe it or not, I do agree with the president on one reason that he is not for it. In the long run, it will not benefit the working men and women as much as has been stated. For I now know that most of the oil will be exported and sold on the world market. All I see from this will be more profit for the big oil companies, and nothing for the people.

A fluid attitude would serve this administration well, but as I have said, all those who represent us have to come together for the common good. Stubborn people who do not react to what is going on will get stuck in the past. A past that will lead nowhere.

The reason this president should not obsess about his legacy is simple. It’s not all about him; his legacy should be diversified. He cannot think that this one thing, the Affordable Care Act, is enough for his legacy to live on. It was never designed to stand on its own.

From day one it failed, but it failed for a reason. That reason is the government. What they want is the single-payer system. It just will not work. This should be left up to the private sector. It has the experience, so let it take care of this twisted mess.

Health care will never get any better being run by the government. Obama’s job is to serve all the people, not just the ones who bow to his every word. Is the president thinking or feeling? These functions are not mutually exclusive. Thinking without feeling is like climbing with only your feet — you’ll fall. You must have an inherent ability to counterbalance, and Obama does not show this ability.

It also appears there are others in office who lack this ability. As an example, I must go back to Sen. Harry Reid and John Boehner. There must be a compromise between these two. Just a bit of give and take. They must think about the people and not their parties.

This has to change; they cannot keep on blocking our country’s well-being. Don’t ask anybody to change when the person being asked sees no benefit to them. Change is possible, but it usually does not occur as an answer to someone’s request. We all have been asked to change at different times and for different reasons. This administration is not asking for change; it is demanding change. One such example goes back to the demand that we all have health care.

The president wants to reshape this country into the image that he — not we — thinks is best. This man cannot be allowed to dictate to the people. Work with the people, I say. Do not allow power to cloud your mind. Instead of endlessly mulling over policies, let’s just get it done. There has to be a basic compromise. It cannot be one sided.

It’s much easier to help a friend than a stranger . Obama wants our help, but he makes us feel like he is a stranger. The truth has a funny way of coming out. You sense it, someone says it, and suddenly you realize that it has arrived and there is no going back.

I know that we are a long way from the truth, but it will be welcome. So much trust has been lost. Trust that means so much to so many of us. Trust and hope are like food — we need it to survive.

Robert Lee is a concerned citizen and a former U.S. Marine who owns and operates Rockingham Guns and Ammo.

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