By the grace of God

Annie Blakeley - Contributing Columnist

This week I finished with my AP exams — both AP world history and AP psychology.

The bright point of my exams was AP world history, especially the essay portion. Though if I did receive a good score, I’m sure that it was by no means my own — because God wrote my essays and took my exam this year.

Though I’m not allowed to discuss the content of the exams, I will say that neither was what I was expecting. Though that was also a good thing and a bad thing.

The best advice you could have is to relax, though at this time of year, I always am.

The warm weather does improve my mood, but it also causes my work speed to decrease — which I am not too pleased with, especially because AP tests go very quick.

I will say that my planning is exceptional during the summer — though I’m not sure how helpful that is, considering I am likely not to carry out my plans. However, that is not the plan this summer.

Hopefully, I can fulfill what I say I will, yet still I know that the only way that will happen is by the grace of God.

Annie Blakeley is a student at Richmond County Ninth Grade Academy, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.

Annie Blakeley

Contributing Columnist

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