Having opinions on opinons

Joe Weaver - Contributing Columnist

No matter who you talk to, everyone has an opinion. There are opinions on politics, opinions of music, opinions on movies, television shows and books. We all know what people say about opinions, and it’s largely true. Everyone has one and they usually are less than pleasant smelling. That, itself, can be considered an opinion if you read it a certain way.

I have nothing wrong with opinions. Anyone who reads this column knows I have mine. A lot of people agree with mine and an equal amount of people do not. That’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t agree with everyone’s either. When I do, I usually keep it to myself. The last thing you need is an opinionated person thinking you agree with them on everything.

I read all the comments on my columns. I agree with some of the critics. It’s not easy to come up with eight hundred or so words on a random topic and make it entertaining each week. I have hits and misses. I hear a lot more about the misses than the hits. I think that’s pretty much the case with anything. I forget a lot of the movies I kinda like, but the ones I hate, I will remember for eternity.

One reader posted on Facebook that he hated each and everyone of my columns. However, this infers that he has read every one and will continue to read. Thank you, sir, for reading. I hope I can continue not to entertain you in the future. Another, in a slew of profanities, compared me to animal waste, but conceded that my writing was decent, though my choice of topic was abysmal. I thank you, I think.

I know a guy that has an opinion on everything. I mean everything. If you can pull a topic out of the air, he can instantly form an opinion of it. It’s mostly unfavorable. This guy could find something wrong with an ice cream sundae. He has his opinion and, no matter how ridiculous, he has a right to it. That previous comment could be interpreted as an opinion of mine, but I would disagree. I believe it to be fact.

My daughters have opinions that usually conflict with mine. I think they are naturally beautiful, but their collective opinion is they may be, but products from places like Bath and Body Works and Ulta are necessary to enhance that. My opinion is those places are overpriced. Their opinion is I am an old man and don’t understand.

Our cat thinks I am the greatest guy on the planet. He also thinks I am the devil incarnate. His opinion changes like the weather. He declined to be interviewed for this column.

I have written a couple of columns lately that have struck some nerves. Some of it was intentional and some of it was not. This column is a humor column. It’s not always going to be filled with wisecracks and laugh-out-loud jokes, but it’s not meant to be the gospel. I started this a year ago to provide an oasis from the constant barrage of bad news we get on a daily basis. Some of your opinions, though harsh, exhibited some validity. Some, however, came from places well beyond left field and left me scratching my head.

I encourage comments and opinions. My column can be found on the opinion — or the obituary — page of the paper most weeks, after all. Keep them coming. While some of the comments can be a little “out there,” some are ones that allow me to see what you want to read in the paper.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution allows for free speech. My opinion on that is it allows absolute free speech. If I write a column about pumpkin spice or coffee or a yogurt cup, you as readers are allowed to call me a wingnut, a curmudgeon or, well anything else you can think of. To the person who called me “a special kind of stupid” a couple of months ago, I’ll let that one slide. My wife came to the opinion that you are “a special kind of perceptive.”


Joe Weaver

Contributing Columnist

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