‘The Secret Lives of Pets’ is a warming comedy

Annie Blakeley - Contributing Columnist

Recently, my family and I went to go see ‘The Secret Life of Pets.”

“Ever wonder what the pets you love do when you leave?” -The Secret Life of Pets Trailer, 2016

“The Secret Life of Pets” is about a dog named Max. Max and his owner Katy have lived together since she found him in a box as a puppy. Until one day, Katy brings home a new friend named Duke. Duke and Max originally have a hard time establishing either a friendship or an alpha-omega relationship. This causes them both to get lost one day, where they run into many troubles and are unable to find their home. Throughout their adventure, the two begin to understand each other and they make many new friends with the animals that they meet.

This film is filled with humor and the kind of friendship that we believe to only exist in movies. With the new approach to real life, these animators take us on a journey to discover each character. With warming comedy, if you’re looking for heartwarming humor, this is the film to see. With cute animals and their interactions we are able to fall in love with each character and develop the mood of the whole film so that it is able to move us as we exit the theater.

Annie Blakeley will be attending Richmond County Ninth Grade Academy, is a band and chorus student and a member of First United Methodist Church in Hamlet.


Annie Blakeley

Contributing Columnist

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