Community college to train Rostra’s workers

From staff reports

June 20, 2014

HAMLET — Richmond Community College has signed an agreement with Rostra Precision Controls Inc. of Laurinburg to provide a customized training program for the company’s associates.

The program, put together by Rostra and Lee Eller, RCC’s director of customized training, offers instruction in safety, management and supervision, simulated work environments, CNC machining and logistics.

“This type of training is crucial for us to increase the capabilities of our associates,” Richard Smith, Rostra’s vice president of operations, said in a release. “With many of our processes becoming more automated, there is a gap in skills of our work force. Working with RCC is a great way for us to address that gap. It helps us be more productive and grow and adapt to changes.”

According to Smith, Rostra has recently added an assembly line and new manufacturing equipment from a plant in Mexico. The company is looking to bring in more automated lines in its Scotland County facility.

“While there are some training elements that we have offered before like safety and Green Belt, this program with Rostra has allowed us to do some new things,” said Eller. “We are excited to see the results from this round, especially with the SWE and how it helps Rostra’s production.”

The North Carolina Community College System provides money for each of the 58 community colleges to offer customized training for business and industry throughout the state. The goals of customized training are job growth, technology investment and productivity enhancement.

“I am proud of our efforts with customized training,” said RCC President Dr. Dale McInnis. “We have been able to provide valuable instruction to our industry partners and this program with Rostra is another example of that. As long as the state is offering this investment for customized training, we are going to take advantage of it to help businesses in Richmond and Scotland counties grow.”

The community college system is providing $23,500 for the current training program with Rostra.