Dobbins Heights prepares for Easter

By Amanda Moss

February 20, 2014

Amanda Moss

DOBBINS HEIGHTS — Dobbins Heights Town Council on Thursday furthered its plans to get children involved in Easter.

Council member Gracie Jackson discussed the plans for the town to put on an Easter Egg Hunt for the town. The hunt is to be held on April 21.

“We’re hoping that the children will not have to go to school on that day,” Jackson joked as she referenced last week’s snowstorm when schools were closed due to the hazardous conditions. A schedule to make up the four missed days has not yet been released by the county school system.

The town held a similar Easter egg hunt last year.

“Last year we purchased around 1,000 eggs for the hunt,” Jackson said. “We wanted to make sure that all children were able to get eggs even if they were unable to find any.”

Jackson said that, despite the rainy weather, last year’s event turned out to be great. Sheriff James Clemmons Jr. was the main presenter, and the town is hoping to get him again along with potentially other individuals.

The council will meet at Dobbins Heights’ Town Hall at 3:30 p.m. on March 4 to finalize plans for the hunt. Jackson encourages anyone interested in the event to come out and join in on the meeting.

The council is open to more donations to make the event as memorable as it can be.

“Anyone who would like to help or donate we’re glad for any additional help,” Jackson said. “We really appreciate what the people do to help us.”

Jackson also gave an update for the streets in the town.

Jackson said that there are a series of potholes on the roads throughout the town and the recent snowy weather has made it difficult for those holes to be worked on. The council has already approved for work to be done on them, but the town is simply awaiting a stationary weather pattern before the work can be completed.

Jackson also noted that street lights that are out in the town have become a recent issue. Jackson said that any resident who notices a light burned out and would like to report it simply get the number off the poll and report it to Town Clerk Mary Magee.

Council member Angeline David discussed the desire of the town to be able to bring in playground equipment to the town. The playground equipment was in reference to the new community center that the town is seeking to build.

The town council passed on Jan. 9 in a 3-1 vote to award Hawks Builders Inc. of Rockingham the $500,000 community center contract.

The town is looking for any donations to help it provide playground equipment for children in the area. If anyone is interested in making a donation, please contact Magee at 910-582-6002.