Motivation should not be forced

Robert Lee Contributing Columnist

February 20, 2014

There is safety in numbers, but there’s little to be gained by acting as part of a clique.

This administration seems to have pulled back from the people and is forming its own version of a clique. They should know that you’ll achieve your best results by adopting an inclusive manner and reaching out to all.

Should the government be straight up with the people or be diplomatic? I think both, instead of Washington decreeing what we do. They should consider the citizens feelings and needs over their own. We, the masses, are struggling as the elite grow and gain unbelievable power.

The gap between the haves and the have-nots is far and wide. This cannot and will not bring us together, but it will divide us even more.

Over the past five years this administration has had a knack for presenting mesmerizing policies that were never achievable. These policies are draining the wealth of the common man, the working man. The man that cannot afford to pay for these failed policies, that being the tax payer.

We all know what it takes to be heard, the common voice of the people, all the people. There has to be more input from the people. New people with new ideas. Ideas that need to be looked at and, if achievable, then acted on.

Motivation is wonderful when it happens, but don’t expect it to just happen. Motivation, in some cases, has to be a forced proposition. The working man and woman work whether they feel motivated or not in some cases.

The reason? They know they have no choice in the matter. The bills keep on coming, paycheck or no paycheck. The motivation of better days seems to have faded away along with the good paying jobs.

We have a cogent argument for the need of jobs, yet there is more involved for the decision makers than logic and intelligence can reach. It’s the taste of power over our daily lives, invading every aspect of our personal and private life. “But it’s all for the good of the nation.”

I am so glad that big brother is watching over me. I feel real safe. Do you feel safe? Realistically, do you feel that Washington has your best interest in mind? Every time we turn around there’s some type of negotiations going on between the parties, but they get no where. Why can’t the head banging stop?

The project before the parties is massive. The attitude between the parties leads not to a stellar role for either in this play that Washington has turned into. They are undaunted in their tug-of-war. The people are the rope and we have been stretched to our limit.

Can they not see the country’s pain? Pain that they are making? I just feel like they are blind to our plight. Can they not see? Do they just not care? It doesn’t matter where they start, but start with any small action.

Just show us you are truly thinking about the future, a better future. We have a lot of problems and way to many distractions that keep us from making distinctions of which should have priority. Together the politicians need to figure out what it is going to take to get us out of these situations.

When they go easy on themselves and expect the same amount of productivity to come out each day is unreasonable in their thinking. It is true that energy fluctuates and so do demands. Power, energy, it’s all the same, far too many demands on the people from Washington.

The dividends for the people are far and few between for the effort that is expended.