When we don’t speak up

Robert Lee Columnist

December 12, 2013

Editor’s note: This is part two of a two-part series. The first part was published in the Dec. 6 edition of The Daily Journal.

Today we are on that same path to destruction if we allow the Iranians the time and money to achieve their atomic goals. Then at that point we will mark that day as the beginning of the end for the free world. If they are allowed to get the bomb then they will use the bomb.

They do not have the guts to use the bomb themselves, for they are cowards of the highest degree. These cowards work in the shadows behind others. Al- Qaeda will be their surrogate. This is the first time in our world’s history that we have men in power that would destroy the world all in the name of religion.

In 1945, the atomic genie was released, never to be put back into the bottle. We were betrayed by Pakistan when they sold North Korea the technology to create their atomic bomb. In return, North Korea sold that same technology to Iran, and the Koreans are still helping the Iranians today. Some would call John Kerry’s agreement with Iranians a step forward and a great day in history. I for one will call it a dark day when the world’s leaders allow Iran to get what they want, that being the Atomic Bomb.

Total deception is the goal of the Iranian government. That deception has been going on for well over 30 years. Stalling is their main tactic, and the world’s leaders have allowed this to happen over and over again. Part of the deal with Iran is that we repair their out-of-date air fleet while they hold Americans captive and torture them in their prisons. Let their air fleet drop out of the sky, each and every one of them. I just wish they would be loaded down with all of their leaders. I have no problem with the average Iranian citizen, for they just like our own citizens are being used.

This government better open its eyes up, for the American people are at their breaking point. Washington, you keep poking your finger in our collective eye. I promise, you will pull back a nub one day. I refuse to remain silent while this man that would be king of the dictators called by some the president, destroys my beloved country and its people. The price that the world will pay will be great. It will be our safety.

I fear for our children’s children. For my generation has lived at the best time in our country’s history, I am sad to say that it is my generation that history one day will frown upon. Why did we not stand up and show more leadership? Why did few of us voice our opinion?

Robert Lee is a Rockingham business owner, a former Marine and a concerned grandfather.