Iran remains a threat to U.S.

Robert Lee

December 5, 2013

Editor’s note: This is part one of a two-part series. The second part will be published in the Dec. 13 edition of The Daily Journal.

Oh ye of little faith, these are the words of a man that would be king. Those words come to those of us that can still see and think for ourselves, from a man that thinks that we can’t. This administration would have us think we are the problem because we do not run as lemmings off the cliff behind the Dear Leader of the Free World.

We are expected to blindly follow and support Obama without a negative word being uttered. For in his mind he has the answers to every problem of the world. I wish it were true, but we all know that this is not possible. On Nov. 23, the world found out, without the words being said, that the world powers gave Iran permission, to build their first atomic bomb. But it will not be their last. Permission was given when Secretary of State John Kerry entered into negotiations with Iranian leaders to dismantle their nuclear program.

That was the way that we looked at these negotiations. The Iranians on the other hand saw something that we did not. That being flat our weakness on our part. Not just this administration but six other world leaders and their agents, as John Kerry was ours. When we entered into this agreement with the Iranians we put the world as a whole on the chopping block. It is the neck of the Israels that will be at risk first. But think not, America, that we will be spared. A day will come when the 9/11 attacks will pale in comparison to the carnage that Iran will send us.

With this agreement signed, we gave Iran a six month grace period to run wild. Some sanctions were removed. The Iranian President told the Iranian people that all of the sanctions were removed. Okay, were these people at the same meeting? Did they sign the same agreement?

They were also given back over $10 billion that was being held by the U.S. government. Iran will not stop until they push their way of thinking all over the world. In this agreement we are giving but they are not. They just take.

Every time in the past that we tried to work with these people, they broke the agreement by not letting us into their sites. The inspectors, they have always cheated. We have been at war with this country for well over 30 years. It all started when our embassy in Tehran was attacked in the late 1970s and our citizens were held hostage for 444 days.

We have fought proxy wars all over the world with Iran including Afghanistan, as it is a major theater of operations for Iran’s war against America. Far too many of our sons and daughters have been killed by Iranian arms and ammunition. So why would you think that they would take the six months that we gave them and sit back and do nothing? The only people that the leaders of Iran hate anymore than Americans are the Israelis.

Iran will not be happy until Islam is the religion of the world. This day, Nov. 23, and what took place is history repeating itself. Go back to 1938 Europe. Europe was on the verge of total war. Great Britain’s Neville Chamberlain made peace, or tried to, with Hitler. That appeasement let Hitler have his way with Czechoslovakia.

Then, with no one to stand in the way, the German war machine on Sept. 1, 1939, unleashed Hell on Earth for almost six years. This was all done with conventional weapons. Over 60 million people worldwide were slaughtered by men gone mad with power.

Robert Lee is a Rockingham business owner, a former Marine and a concerned grandfather.