Whovians unite!

Amanda Moss Staff writer

November 27, 2013

It is such a wonderful feeling to know you are not alone in the world. Warning, spoilers ahead sweetie.

On Monday night I had the pleasure of making the drive to Charlotte to see the much anticipated “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary special, “The Day of The Doctor,” in theaters. When I say much anticipated, I’m of course referring to my fellow Whovians.

The theater was packed to the brim, and I was literally bursting with excitement. I have been waiting for this show for quite some time.

People were being turned away left and right as they tried to purchase tickets. Apparently the show had been sold out for two weeks — thank goodness I purchased my tickets a month in advance.

The biggest smile that has ever graced my face happened that night as I looked around the crowd to see the adults and children dressed up for this monumental occasion. I saw bow ties, fezzes, “Doctor Who” shirts and of course multiple sonic screwdrivers.

They looked like complete and utter nerds, and I was dressed as one of them. I was all set with my weeping angel shirt and sonic screwdriver in hand.

The buzzing of the screwdrivers filled the theater as the lights went down and the beginning trailers started to play. Though once that was all said and done, we got the reminder to silence our mobile phones. One Whovian called out to the crowd to “silence your screwdrivers” as he placed his safely in his lap.

The moment David Tennant and Matt Smith, the 10th and 11th Doctor respectively, made their appearance on screen a loud shout took over the room as everyone was absolutely thrilled to see them both on screen together.

“I literally just got goosebumps,” said one girl sitting behind me as the opening scene came to an end.

Everyone was at attention as the movie played. Laughter rang out when The Doctor made a witty joke and tears were shed with all the nods to previous Doctors that have come and gone. The ending scene with all the Doctors lined up will cause any Whovian’s eyes to water — even if it’s just for a second.

Now, I’m making a lot of references to things most of you have never heard of. If you have ever wondered what on earth this “Doctor Who” thing is that people talk about, or you see it pop up in your timeline on Facebook, read on for a quick breakdown.

The show’s hero is called The Doctor, not Doctor Who as the name of the show would have you believe. He is the last of the Time Lords, an ancient humanoid race from the planet Gallifrey. He has this box called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) that’s forever frozen in the shape of a blue British police call box. The TARDIS is bigger on the inside and can travel anywhere in time and space.

The Doctor carries with him a sonic screwdriver that is better for fitting cabinets than actually doing real harm. And that is how The Doctor prefers it. He makes tough decisions, but never accepts that violence is the best answer to a problem.

The Doctor gets to interact with noted historical figures during his travels. Figures such as Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, Vincent van Gogh, Shakespeare, Adolf Hitler and more recently Queen Elizabeth I. So there is even a very slight history lesson in it for you history buffs out there.

Now this show is the longest running science fiction show in the world. Seriously, look it up at Guinness World Records. I have already mentioned a 10th and 11th Doctor above, the question now is how have they kept one show running for 50 years without people questioning the constant change of the main character?

One word — regeneration.

As a Time Lord, The Doctor can regenerate when he is injured near the point of death allowing him to take the shape and form of a new body — and allowing an actor to bow out gracefully.

And there you have it. Now you have some general knowledge as to what this whole “Doctor Who” thing is about, and I have now exposed myself as a nerd at heart.

All I have left to say, probably just so I can feel a little better about myself, is to quote a very famous film director, Steven Spielberg.

“The world would be a poorer place without ‘Doctor Who.’”