Let’s get Hamlet back on track

November 8, 2013

To the editor:

I would like to thank the good citizens of Hamlet for their prayers, voices, and votes for the betterment of Hamlet and the citizens by the electing of Bill Bayless, Jessie McQueen and Eddie Martin.

Johnathan Buie, my hat’s off to you for being a leader and not a follower. It takes a man to be a leader to stand up and speak and fight for what is right. It takes a man to be a leader to stand up and speak and fight against what is wrong. Again my hat’s off to you. “You’re the man!”

I was raised in Hamlet until I was 19. My daddy retired from the railroad in 1985. Every night he would sit in the tower at North Yard and guide the trains onto the right tracks. This town and citizens of Hamlet have been derailed for too long. Just like my daddy, these four men, Bill Bayless, Johnathan Buie, Jessie McQueen and Eddie Martin will take this derailed town and citizens and put them back on the right track and guide this city government, town and citizens to where they should be ethically, lawfully and justly.

Numerous employees of the city of Hamlet have been unjustly wronged. These employees and their families have gone through uncalled-for mental, physical, financial stress and strain. Everybody has prayed for this election. These men have been elected for God’s glory, not theirs or ours. We owe all of this to God. Through prayers, changes have been made and through prayer more changes are going to be made. We pray everyday that God will walk with these families and God will do his will with everybody that is involved and let it all come out for the glorification of God.

Thank you,

Sara Ellen Wicke