Who you gonna call?

Amanda Moss Richmond County Daily Journal

October 29, 2013

ROCKINGHAM — It’s time for a ghost hunt.

Rocking Trends Consignment Shop on East Washington Street took center stage Tuesday as a team of paranormal investigators from Mount Gilead set up shop at the former Economy Auto Supply building. It’s one of the oldest buildings in downtown Rockingham.

The Wadeville Wiggler Paranormal Investigation team — comprised of Chris Moore, Ricky Moore, Monica Moore, Cody McRae and Timmy Parsons — is in town to investigate the shop, which was built around 1904. It was Amber Marcengill, owner of Rocking Trends, who contacted the team to come take a look.

“We posted on our Facebook page to see if anyone had any ideas on places to do an investigation,” Chris Moore said. “She contacted us and we came down for an interview to see if there was anything worth looking into.”

The team did an investigation on the building to see if there was anything suspicious in the history of the store.

“No evidence of anyone dying here, but that doesn’t mean anything,” Chris said. “Spirits can travel, and we did speak with people who said they would pass by here and see a face in the upstairs window from time to time.”

Marcengill spoke of sounds that seemed to have no plausible explanation.

“There is always some kind of noise going on upstairs when I’m here, even though there is nothing up here,” Marcengill said. “We can hear it all the way downstairs, so I can’t imagine what it sounds like on the top floor.”

Going up to the space in question, taking an old elevator doesn’t set one’s mind at ease before having to step out onto the second floor. Looking around one can clearly see a space that has been forgotten in time — with names on doors for attorneys and insurance salesmen that used to be on the top floor. It is easy to see why this would be a good spot to hold an investigation. Of course one would have to be extremely interested in paranormal activity to stay the night in a place like this.

“We don’t get paid for doing something like this,” Ricky said. “It is our hobby. We have jobs we attend to as well.”

“We post our videos on YouTube and have had a good number of views that we get paid for, but the money that we make goes back into the team,” Chris said.

The interest in ghost hunting is on the rise judging from the burst of television shows based on paranormal activities, but there will always be a critic in the crowd with cynical state of mind.

McRae laughed at the idea of people rolling their eyes at what they do. All he has to say — for those who struggle with the idea of ghost hunting — is to go watch the videos they have done in the past to see what actually goes on.

The team films everything live and later posts it on YouTube. They are hoping to have the building wired and ready so that they can stream the feed live on Thursday for anyone willing to watch it.

“Just simply go to our Facebook page and we should have the log-in information,” Chris said.

There will be a meet-and-greet with the members from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday at Rocking Trend on 201 E. Washington St. They will begin filming their experience around 9:30 p.m. and continue to film through the night.

The team is volunteering its services to help Marcengill raise money for the Richmond County Animal Advocates. Anyone wishing to donate may do so by bringing bags of dog and cat food to consignment shop.