Fundraiser to be held for beloved teacher

Iris Hunter Richmond County Daily Journal

September 20, 2013

A group has come together to help out a Rockingham mother and teacher who is facing serious health issues.

A fundraiser for Cassie Patrick is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 19, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Pat’s Kitchen in Rockingham.

Patrick is the owner of Richmond County Faith Academy, an 8-12th grade private school in Rockingham. She is also a math teacher at the academy.

The fundraiser is being held to help Patrick with expenses, such as traveling and living expenses, to help keep her school open and for her to be able to survive, say the event organizers.

Patrick was diagnosed with a malignant gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) in February, and just recently with Chiari Malformation, a condition in which brain tissue expends into the spinal canal.

Patrick said that after she was initially diagnosed she could not believe that it was happening to her and began to worry about her daughter, Carmyn.

“I just hope that this fundraiser will make life a little bit easier for me and my daughter,” said Patrick.

At this time, the doctors are considering whether she should undergo surgery. They are also considering other alternatives, according to Lori Patrick, Cassie’s mother.

Cassie has good days and bad days, but she refuses to give up, her mom said. “She has hardly been able to work,” she said. “The school is falling apart financially, but she refuses to give up for her students.”

“There are some good days, but mainly bad days. I am still trying to work, but some days that is just not possible,” said Patrick.

At the fundraiser there will be cheerleaders performing and live music, as well as a silent and live auction. The silent auction will be held during the entire fundraiser and the live auction will take place at the end the fundraiser.

Attendees will be able to purchase a BBQ or fried chicken plate that includes slaw, baked beans and dessert for $7. Those who purchase a plate will be able to either dine in or carry out. Delivery is available within Richmond County for those who purchase five or more plates. Tickets for plates can be pre-purchased prior to the fundraiser.

Also, either homemade or store bought cakes are asked to be donated so that they can be raffled off during the live auction.

Those who attend will have the opportunity to purchase a T-shirt that says “Hope For Cassie” on the front and has the Bible verse Hebrews 6:19 on the back. The cost of the T-shirt will be $10. The kids at Richmond County Faith Academy came up with the T-shirt message, said Marsha Shaw, a substitute teacher at the school.

“The kids really inspired me to help Cassie,” she said. “She is a good person.”

“The kids and their parents are the ones who initiated this fundraiser,” said Cassie’s mother.

Patrick is really proud of her students for helping with the fundraiser. “They’ve really stepped up to the plate and showed me how much they love me,” she said.

In order for the fundraiser to be a success, family and friends of Patrick’s are inviting sponsors to help support the fundraiser by donating items for the auction and food, as well as making monetary donations.

“If we do not get enough sponsors it will be hard for us to do the fundraiser,” said Shaw.

If you would like to be a sponsor of this fundraiser, purchase a ticket or donate food, auction items or make a monetary donation, contact Marshal at Pat’s Kitchen at 910-895-0683, Marsha Shaw at 910-995-2462, Karen Parker at 910-206-2409 or Mary Jane Lassiter at 910-895-9667.

This fundraiser is sponsored by Pat’s Kitchen, at 1240 E. Broad Ave. in Rockingham.

— Staff Writer Iris Hunter can be reached at 910-997-3111, ext. 18, or by email at