Local Moose becomes state president

Special to the Daily Journal

August 29, 2013

Hamlet resident Mike Perdue was elected to lead the North Carolina Moose Association during the association’s annual mid year convention Aug. 24 in Greensboro.

Perdue has been a resident of Richmond County since 1990. He and his wife Diana live in Hamlet. She is employed at Big Rock Sports in Hamlet. He is employed as COO of Fire and Data Systems, a company which installs and services low voltage fire alarm, security, and surveillance systems.

Perdue has been a member of the loyal order of the Moose since 1997. His home lodge is Rockingham 1838, located on Crow Run Road in Rockingham. Prior to his election as president of the 16,000 member North Carolina Moose Association, Perdue served his home lodge as a trustee, treasurer, governor, and most recently as the lodge administrator; a position he has held for the last five years.

On the state level, Perdue has served on the state executive board for the past eight years, first as District 6 president and following that as the state prelate, treasurer, and vice president. In addition to his responsibilities as state president, Perdue also serves as the State Youth Awareness Chairmen. This is a position he was appointed to by Moose International two years ago.

Moose Youth Awareness is a part of the two-pronged mission of Moose International, to serve the youth and the seniors in their communities. As a member and leader of Rockingham Lodge 1838, Perdue according to his lodge brothers, has been instrumental in achieving that goal. Rockingham Lodge hosts an annual youth awareness training conference at the lodge home, inviting Richmond County High School students to participate for the opportunity to win international scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $12,000. The Rockingham Lodge also offers its own participants a scholarship opportunity.

The lodge also offers annual holiday parties for Richmond County children as well as helping to sponsor a girl’s softball team.

For Richmond County seniors, Rockingham Lodge has an annual senior citizens holiday dinner. The lodge considers this their crown jewel of projects. Throughout the year funds are raised to put on this event which has averaged nearly 400 people a year since its inception 12 years ago. Many of our county seniors look forward to this plentiful holiday meal each year. This year the lodge will also provide the October veterans luncheon at the Hamlet senior center and look forward to making this an annual event.

Perdue has a busy year ahead of him as NCMA State President, visiting many of the 66 lodges throughout the state as a representative of Moose International to encourage their continued support of the fraternal organization. Perdue will also make the pilgrimage to Mooseheart, the child city of Moose International, for the annual North Carolina day and school homecoming. Mooseheart Child City School is a community and school for children and teens in need, located on a 1,000-acre campus, 38 miles west of Chicago. This year Mooseheart is celebrating its 100th birthday. Mooseheart has been home to nearly 12,000 young people, ranging in age from infancy through high school.

Perdue knows that volunteerism in the community is hard work and organizations like Moose must compete for members with other active community organizations. To that end, when he addressed the convention delegates in Greensboro, he challenged them to make changes in their thinking, their actions, and their community involvement.

“Times are changing for organizations like ours,” said Perdue. “We must change with the times if we are to stay vibrant, vital and relevant.”