On that bright morning

By Kelly Gaskins

August 23, 2013

Dear Editor,

Almost 12 years ago 19 cowardly bastards boarded 4 airlines with box cutters, in the hope of killing as many Americans as possible. On that beautiful bright sunny Tuesday morning, these 19 cowards tried to bring down this country. All in the name of Radical Islam. All in the belief that it was in the name of Allah and the Koran. But, also with the promise of 72 virgins, to be theirs for all time. Problem is, no one said if they were to be male or female.

In the case of these Radicalized Muslims it is easy to understand. You take a man that can speak to his own people, give him an American college education, that the American people paid for. We also fed him, gave him a home, and in most cases cash (your cash, from your taxed dollars).

Now this American educated, ISLAMIC RADICAL goes home to a host of countries, all Muslim. All with their share of people that hate us just because we are Americans, and for no other reason.

For we are the great Satan of the west (in their eyes). This man goes on his mission of Jihad (Islamic War). He finds men with no formal education, or no education at all. He looks for the outcast, the friendless, the less attractive, the homeless, the hungry. He befriends and feeds these people. He in turn makes promises of GREAT and BETTER DAYS to come (does anybody see a parallel here).

These recruits for the most part have never had a job, or should I say a true meaningful job. Now we have a man that has nothing to look forward to, no future, no hope of caring for a family.

A family that he knows he has means of supporting. With no more than kindness and food, this man has been won over.

This man is now willing to DIE for ISLAM (for now he has been RADICALIZED) and his belief in this better world of MARTYRDOM and Allah. This is all consuming for him.

How many Christian preachers would go out with a bomb belt on to kill RADICAL MUSLIMS? I think very few, if any, would. This is the power of mind and people control.

The powers that be have let their guard down with these Radical Muslims.

Robert Lee