Readers sound off on sales tax, code enforcement

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Should Facebook toy with our moods?

The news last week that Facebook recently conducted an experiment designed to test whether the emotions of its users could be manipulated brought about a firestorm that is bewildering.A Wall Street Journal article on the topic explained, “To determine whether it could alter the emotional state of its users and prompt them to post either more positive or negative content, the site’s data scientists enabled an algorithm, for one week, to automatically omit content that co...

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Hero goes extra mile to return lost purse

To the editor:There are still some heroes in our community.With all the sad and horrible stories in the news today, I would like to write about someone who is truly a hero to me. I will only give his first name, John, as he is not seeking recognition.Being an elderly person, I sometimes forget little things, which is not bad, but sometimes I forget important things, too.On Friday, July 4, I went with friends to see the fireworks in ...

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OUR VIEW: Code enforcement needs due process

It’s said that “good fences make good neighbors,” so we understand if Davie Dawkins is a little short-tempered these days. The city of Rockingham took away his fence, so to speak.City officials hired a private contractor who seized several rolls of Dawkins’ fencing in April while cleaning up his yard under Rockingham’s nuisance abatement rules. Dawkins has since asked for the fencing rolls’ return to no avail. They were presumably sold for scrap....

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Critics have ‘largely’ bent the truth

RALEIGH — The next time you see or hear a politician, policy analyst, activist or journalist say that North Carolina’s unemployment rate has fallen “largely” because of workers dropping out of the labor force, ask for a definition of the term.I don’t mean the term “unemployment rate.” Generally speaking, when people use that term, they mean the most-reported rate from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U-3 rate that excludes adults whoR...

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OUR VIEW: Will McCrory stand up for our right to know?

Midway through his sophomore year in North Carolina’s executive mansion, Gov. Pat McCrory may be turning over a new leaf.The GOP governor rebuffed Republican legislative leaders last week, vowing to veto a charter school bill that would make school employees’ names and salaries secret. In an encouraging stand for open government, McCrory said information about workers paid with public money must remain open to the state’s taxpayers.

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How Pup learned to fish

When my dad was growing up, there was a family in his neighborhood where all the kids had nicknames that they went by. Most of the folks living around them never knew what their real names were. This particular family had three boys. The oldest one went by the name of Sheep, the middle one was called Pumphandle and the youngest was named Turkey.Dad said he could always understand where Turkey got his name because he had a long neck, a skinny-looking head, eyes that seemed to pop ou...

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Preserving the monuments of a controversial past

“You see him and ask: ‘Why is the statue still here? What was it he actually stood for?’ This is the kind of debate that a public work of art makes possible. We won’t change the way people think just by getting rid of a monument.”The mayor of one of Mecklenburg’s largest municipalities is defending the refusal to remove a statue of a hero of another era, but one who today offends many residents.This raises again the question of what to...

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LETTER: Fading signs reflect poorly on our community

To the editor:I am aware that with cataracts, I don’t see as well as I used to do.However, even close up, I cannot read the state directional sign at the corner of Fayetteville Road and Richmond Road.This is one of many such signs still around Richmond County that have seen better days.Apparently the N.C. Department of Transportation is short of funds when it comes to signs.The green street signs around Rockingham a...

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LETTER: Democrats contribute to America’s decline

To the editor:We can see America’s decline on a daily basis. Just go to any pawnshop and you can see people’s possessions piling up. They can’t go back to redeem them because they have to live hand-to-mouth on a daily basis. This decline will only get worse because of the Democrats.For the last six years, they have been robbing Peter to keep up poor Paul. Now Peter has become poor.Obama and his crew are using the policies of ...

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OUR VIEW: Lawmakers were right to apply the brakes

Every once in a while, members of the North Carolina General Assembly recognize that the locomotive they run is moving way too fast and needs to have the brakes firmly applied. That happened last week in the House.When senators unanimously approved Senate Bill 78 back in May of 2013, the bill established a new system for the management and review of state contracts, particularly those involving investments or incurring debt.But time ran out in the 2013 session before the...

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Supreme Court limits federal overreach

This past weekend was a special weekend for families, friends and communities to join together and celebrate America. Whether you spent the weekend enjoying a family barbecue, attending a community parade or viewing a fireworks show, I hope you took a moment to remember the heroic actions that have made our Fourth of July celebrations possible.We are fortunate that our nation is home to so many patriots who dedicate their lives to defending our freedom, securing our homeland and pr...

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Rat spoils more than family’s breakfast

This is a story of a child through the eyes of a child. If some of you will think back, you will remember the column from the end of February this year about my special friend Jerry.As I had said in that column, my friend’s family was very poor. In fact, they had it very hard because there were so many of them — it was a large family. They lived in a house that was old and rundown, as were most of the houses in our valley.But, you know, it doesn’t matte...

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OUR VIEW Good Samaritans put us on the map

As we celebrate 238 years of American independence this weekend, there are plenty of recent developments here in Richmond County and throughout the state that give us reason to cheer. In this installment of our occasional Cheers and Jeers feature, we’ll point out those deserving of recognition and call attention to items in the news that give us pause.CHEERS to Ellerbe Mayor Lee Berry and two fellow Good Samaritans who stopped to help a stranded motorist who ...

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Students retain right to religious speech

Every coin has two sides, and so does every story. Today, from reactions to my column published a couple of weeks ago, I will present the other side.My side was that public school officials in Brawley, California, went too far in telling a high school salutatorian, Brooks Hamby, that he could not mention God in his graduation speech. They said references to his religion were “inappropriate.”I maintained — and still do — that the Free Exercise Clau...

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